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Please use our 24-hour, toll-free, hotline if you have found any Catalina Sea Ranch’s equipment, or have any questions.  Use the form here and we'll direct your inquiry appropriately. 

For matters concerning the Ranch's at-sea location and interaction with vessels or equipment, please include "encounter" in the subject line.

You can use the link below to download a “Lost Fishing Gear Form”.

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Please note that Catalina Sea Ranch uses surveillance equipment at our offshore facility, and in the event of a claim, this video will be used for any and all purposes. Catalina Sea Ranch will seek repayment of of any attorney and court costs if a court or arbitrator determines the collision or lost catch was the result of an intentional act or gross negligence of the vessel’s operator.

Filing a Claim, Investigation & Compensation

All claims must be filed within six months of the date of the alleged incident. Catalina Sea Ranch will review and respond to all claims within sixty (60) days of submission. In the event Catalina Sea Ranch concludes the claim is valid, it will compensate the vessel owner or operator for damage to the vessel and/or the lost/damaged equipment. Lost catch is compensable to the extent the vessel owner or operator can validate the quantity lost and the price for the lost catch. In the event Catalina Sea Ranch initially concludes the claim is invalid, it will make available a qualified third party representative, agreed upon by both Catalina Sea Ranch and claimant, available to assist with mediation. If Catalina Sea Ranch then determines, in good faith, the claim is invalid, it will provide a written response to the vessel owner or operator detailing the reason(s) why the claim was rejected. Upon receipt of such denial, the vessel owner or operator may seek to have the claim adjudicated by binding arbitration or through a court of competent jurisdiction. The parties shall consent to the recovery of any costs, including legal fees, by the prevailing party.