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San Pedro Today - April 2019 Q& A with Phil Cruver, CEO of Catalina Sea Ranch


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SoCal is Home to First Aqua Farm in Federal Waters (Video)

Spectrum News - February 1, 2019

The first aqua farm in federal waters is in Southern California. It’s about 10 miles out from San Pedro and six miles from the coast of Huntington Beach.

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Catalina Sea Ranch’s Cruver ‘chomping at the bit’ to expand mussel farm on federal waters

Undercurrent News - January 28, 2019

SAN PEDRO, California, US -- Don’t bother telling Phil Cruver, founder of the Catalina Sea Ranch (CSR), that he needs to be patient.

Nearly seven years after taking the initial steps necessary to build his 100-acre Mediterranean mussel (Mytilus Galloprovincialis) farm some six miles off the coast of Los Angeles, California -- the only commercial aquaculture facility operating in US federal waters -- he is ready to make it 30 times larger and further backup his trademarked claim of operating the “Aquaculture Capital of America”.

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Unreasonable Goals Company: Catalina Sea Ranch

January 2019 Video on Facebook

Catalina Sea Ranch has created the first aquaculture facility in U.S. federal waters to deliver fresh, sustainable, regenerative protein to feed the world.

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Rising Tide - Catalina Sea Ranch looks to expand, spins off research arm

Los Angeles Business Journal - January 7 - 13, 2019



Farms Under The Sea Could Feed The World In 2050 (Video)

Quartz News In-Depth Episode on Facebook Watch - September 27, 2018

Farming the ocean to save the world

Quartz - September 27, 2018

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This Farm Could Help Meet Rising Seafood Demand

USA Today - September 14 - 16, 2018 Weekend Print Edition

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Cruver's Catalina Sea Ranch (PDF)  

John Deere's - Marine PowerSource - Volume April 1, 2018

Report: Offshore Fish Farms Could Thrive in California

News Deeply Oceans Deeply   -  March 26, 2018


Southern California Mussel Ranch has Unexpected Benefits (PDF)

Pacific Coast Sportfishing Magazine     -   Nov/Dec 2017

The New Frontier: With Deep-Sea Explorer Dr. Robert Ballard on Board, AltaSea Looks to Turn San Pedro Into A Major Player In The “Blue Economy” (PDF)

San Pedro Today   -  October 2017


With Trump's blessing, US offshore mussel farm plans to double in size  (PDF)

IntraFish Aquaculture  -   10/2/2017

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Catalina Sea Ranch snags federal grant to start kelp farming 

The Daily Breeze   -   9/30/2017

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Ranching in the Ocean with Phil Cruver of Catalina Sea Ranch  (90 Minute-Podcast)  

Food & Agriculture Innovators    -   09/13/2017

Aquatic Farm Flexes Mussels Offshore (PDF)

Los Angeles Business Journal  -  8/14/2017

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First US offshore mussel farm harvests inaugural batch

Undercurrent News  -  7/19/2017

The U.S.' First Offshore Shellfish Ranch Opens on the L.A. County Coastline 

LA Weekly    4/1/2017

Growing millions of mussels beneath the Pacific Ocean waves 

KCRW Good Food blog, National Public Radio


Catalina Sea Ranch Blazes New Trails (PDF)

San Pedro Today     Feb 2017

Growing Mussels and Giant Kelp in San Pedro at the First Offshore ShellfishRanch in Federal Waters

    KCET.ORG     2/24/2017


Catalina Sea Ranch Raises $2m for Innovative Offshore Aquaculture Project 

 Ag Funder News     1/25/2017


Harvest nears for first US offshore shellfish farm (PDF)

Aquaculture NA Nov/Dec

Taylor Shellfish gives US offshore producer Catalina Sea Ranch a head start (PDF)

 IntraFish       9/23/16

Real-time Ocean Observations and the Ocean Internet of Things™   

ECO MAGAZINE      09/16/16

Grants for undersea research off San Pedro aim to boost U.S. seafood production

 Daily Breeze     09/09/16

How to Build a Data-Capturing Internet of Things Platform for the Ocean

AgFunder News     03/04/2016

Los Angeles City Council-member Joe Buscaino featured Catalina Sea Ranch at the "Future of LA Waterfront 2016”  

VIDEO   2/25/2016


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Catalina Sea Ranch Raises Another Round of Capital   

FIS     1/27/2016


Monitoring the Ocean’s Pulse for Offshore Aquaculture (PDF)

Marine Technology  (Page 32)   Nov-Dec 2015