We intend to regenerate ocean ecosystems producing sustainable marine crops. 


These mussels were harvested 6 miles offshore in California waters.

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Sorting and bagging of the product is completed on the vessel, the Enterprise.




Catalina Sea Ranch has developed the first offshore aquaculture facility in federally regulated waters of the United States, located six miles offshore Huntington Beach, California. Our 100‐acre aquaculture facility is located on the edge of the San Pedro Shelf, which is the broadest mainland continental shelf segment off the California coast with approximately 40 square miles (26,000 acres) of federal waters available for expansion. We are expanding our aquaculture facility to 3,000 acres, putting a dent in America’s annual $15 billion seafood trade deficit, and becoming the Aquaculture Capital of America™.

This venture supports the goals of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) Marine Aquaculture Strategic Plan for “At least a 50% increase in responsible U.S. marine aquaculture by the year 2020.”

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Fresh. Local. Clean

Where to Buy:

Monterey Fish Market (San Francisco)

South Bay Fishery (San Diego)

Quality Seafood (Redondo Beach)

Palos Verdes Farmers Market

San Pedro Fish Market

Santa Monica Seafood

The Crab Pot (Long Beach)

All Blue Water Grill locations

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Our Operation

Catalina Sea Ranch is planning to expand the initial 100 acres to over 1,000 acres by documenting no negative environmental or social impact. Launching operations with low-risk, highly profitable mussels, the strategic plan is to expand with the cultivation of additional sustainable mollusk and seaweed crops. Mollusk shellfish (mussels, scallops, oysters, etc.) are among the most lucrative and sustainable fisheries in the U.S. valued at $1 billion and the global seaweed market exceeds $10 billion.