Recovering monitoring instruments from the sea-floor - without a diver!

On September 1st our Enterprise crew assisted Professor Kristen Davis of UCI and Geno Pawlak of UCSD in recovering their ADCP sensors from positions at the ranch. The units were collecting detailed data on current direction and magnitude from the bottom to the surface. This data was collected continuously from initial deployment on 5/17/2017. This 107 day deployment provides detailed information on the wave activity at the ranch, as well as indication of any potential impact on local currents the ranch may be having. Additionally, a vertical mooring of 14 oceanographic sensors (temperature, salinity, chlorophyll levels) was recovered. 

The unique aspect of this recovery was the use of our BlueROV2 from Blue Robotics, without any assistance from divers. On past sensor recoveries the ROV would locate the target, and 3rd party divers would recover the hardware by attaching a lift line from the Enterprise crane. This time, a prototype spring-clip carabiner was brought by the ROV to the targets, both locating and capturing the device on a single dive. Check out the action below!

ADCP Data Summer 2017.png