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Mariculture: An Opportunity for Donors and Developing Nations   “DevEx Article    4/29/2010”

Caging Cobia.pdf

“Times of Oman    2/17/2011”

Open-Ocean Aquaculture for the Arabian Sea

“Science Progress Article    4/15/2011”

Aquaculture’s promise

“From the Dawn Times   5/03/2011”

Marine Aquaculture vital for Oman

“Times of Oman   5/03/2011”

Fish Farming would lift National Economy

“Fish Info & Services Co. Newsletter   5/04/2011”

Oil & Food Security for the Gulf of Guinea

“Ghana Web   5/25/2011”

Oil and Food Security For the Gulf of Guinea

“The Liberian Journal   6/04/2011”

A ‘Blue Revolution’ to fight hunger in Haiti & world

“Christian Science Monitor   7/07/2011”

CS Monitor.pdf  4.4MB

Sustainable Shellfish Aquaculture

“Eco    8/23/2011”

Blue Revolution for Nigeria

“The African executive  9/28/2011”